Why Soft-Pay? Are you a merchant who simply wants to sell digital content without going through any hassle?
Check out our features or instantly sign-up for a merchant account to fully enjoy all of Soft-Pay's advantages.

Multiple Payment options

Accept over 10 payment methods with one account

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • E-wallets
  • Banking

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The powerfuL interface

Soft-Pay runs highly flexible system that is designed to satisfy every merchant's needs. It utilizes the most recent web innovation as a part of request to give a fantastic client interface. It loads fast and makes it efficient for everyone. It is aesthetically pleasing and, of course, simple to use.

Stop chargebacks

Full merchant protection

Soft-Pay helps merchants to effectively diminish chargebacks by using its globally connected anti-fraud system. Stay safe as a merchant and a consumer.

  • Technical chargebacks
  • Fraud
  • Fast resolve time

Product licensing and integration

  • About licensing

    Managing your subscriptions & licenses was never less demanding. Our licensing system helps all merchant's eliminate any chances of potential un-wanted file leaking and sharing.

  • Local Storage

    We don't confine our merchant's functionality. Thus, we've designed a local storage that lets you define custom key-fields and rules for your product. One hundred percent customizable and software adaptable.

Its free for all merchants
have a quick plan describing 0$/month fee