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Soft-Pay is a platform written with passion by our developers. We know how difficult it sometimes can be to integrate online payments to your webshop or store. This is why we have decided make Soft-Pay very easy to use, so anyone without even any programming knowledge can set up their product and start selling online. Our documentation page explains how you can setup your product with Soft-Pay in 3 simple steps. Besides that, our documentation also explains how you can use extra functionalities with Soft-Pay such as a survey or regional restrictions.


Product integration has never been this easy with Soft-Pay. Within a few minutes and without any technical knowledge you can have your product up for sale. We want our merchants to waste no time on integrating their product into Soft-Pay, but instead spend more time on their own product and customers. Next to the standard product integration, Soft-Pay also offers you extra product integration options such as Product Licensing via Computer Hardware ID, Safe and Secure local storage and more. Before going live with your product, you can also use our Product Sandbox. This helps you to send test IPN calls and to simulate orders.


Designed with efficiency in mind, Soft-Pay is a breeze to use in self-service mode. Easy-to-use features allow you to customize your store’s design and configuration to optimize conversions and maximize revenue.

If you do run into questions or simply need advice, our support team is always here to help. We can even complete the setup for you, absolutely free of charge.

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Product Sandbox

Recently we have added the Payment Sandbox feature to the merchant dashboard. With this feature you have the ability to test the payments to your products easily, before empowering them live to your clients. The payment methods PayPal & Bitcoin are enabled within the Sandbox feature and you are also able to set the status URL yourself including the various status type's such as CONFIRMED, REFUNDED, REVERSED etc.

After you have set your preferences, you can run the Sandbox and see the results including the data being sent and the server response. We hope this feature will help you to easily configure & test your products.


Its free for all merchants
have a quick plan describing 0$/month fee