Frequently Asked Questions

What is SoftPay?
SoftPay is a leading online marketplace for digital downloadable goods.

Is SoftPay legal?
Yes, absolutely. SoftPay is an 100% legimitate online marketplace designed for users with various interests in selling/buying.

What do we offer?
We enable all of our customers to sell digital goods such as videos, video games, ebooks,
software and templates to a large audience of buyers from our online store.

What is SoftPay’s goal?
Our goal has been to create a dynamic online marketplace and platform in which users sell their digital
goods to interested buyers in a seamless efficient way.

What do people sell on SoftPay?
Our users sell all manner of downloadable digital goods including: Music, Video, Video Games, ebooks, Audio Books, Design Templates & Files.

How much does SoftPay account cost?
SoftPay account is free with no obligations. There's only one time fee.

I would like to know what's going on with my order?
We provide a order tracker for all of our users. Simply visit and track your order.

Can I customize the page with my products?
Yes, our system allows you to fully customize your product & service pages.

How can I be sure that I'll receive the product I paid for?
SoftPay system is designed that right after the payment you will be able to download/obtaint the item you paid for. All items are checked by SoftPay staff team before it's published.

How can I assure that my customer will receive the item he paid for?
All sellers are obligated to set E-Mail notiffication, Instant Download of Item/Key after payment. All of the products will be inspected by SoftPay team to provide 100% security to its users.

As a seller, can I add coupons for my products?
Yes. Our licensing system allows you to create a Coupon Codes with desired percentage or amount.

Do you offer any kind of support?
SoftPay experts are always ready to assist you via our Ticket System.

What payment options are available on SoftPay?
SoftPay currently provides Paypal, Bitcoin and Perfect Money as payment options.

How does the refund system work?
SoftPay offers user-friendly and flexible refund functionality. It takes under a minute to locate and refund an order. You can perform three types of refunds:

  (1) Full Return, which refunds the entire order's purchase price;
  (2) Line Item Return, which refunds the entire price of one or more products in an order; and

Are there are restrictions/limitations?
As an online vendor you are looking forward making revenue without any restrictions or limitations.

How can I sell my items?
You, as a seller, are able to sign-up to our network and start selling directly via popular payment methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

Can I sell my items with higher conversion rate?
Yes! Via our fully customizable and secured Payment Gateway Page, you can sell your digital goods with a higher conversion rate.

Can I manage my sales/billing system?
Yes, You can manage all aspects of your billing system in our merchant dashboard.

Do I get merchant dashboard?
Yes! You'll have access to your merchant dashboard and payment gateway is unique from other online gateways with the key aspects of high detailed in dashboard, payment security with advanced anti-fraud techniques, ease of use and trustability.

How can I be sure that my item will be secured on your server?
Our secured file storage with advanced technology will make sure that your file stays untouched.

How do I know that my customer will get a confirmation of purchase?
Our fully automated server callbacks will make sure that your customer gets instant E-Mail notiffication and product delivery after the purchase.

Its free for all merchants
have a quick plan describing 0$/month fee