Merchant features

Our merchant features allow businesses to connect in several different ways to the Soft-Pay payment platform,
while keeping track of conversion and benefiting from ‘state of the art’ risk management.

Ways to use Soft-Pay

Our customers can connect to Soft-Pay in three different ways:

Hosted Payment Pages

This flexible solution provides merchants with ready-to-use customizable payment pages while the transactions are processed via Soft-Pay's servers. With this solution we allow our merchants to accept over 10 different payment methods, choose their own payment page design and also extra options such as after-payment-survey. All of the payment data is taken care of by Soft-Pay, resulting into giving the merchant more freedom and less requirements to meet up to.

Direct API

Soft-Pay allows merchants to use their own payment application via direct application programming interface (Direct API). This gives merchants freedom to completely customize the entire payment process and still keep full control via Soft-Pay's dashboard. This is a more advanced way of integrating a business into Soft-Pay, this is why we allow our merchants to fully test the API within our dashboard, before going live. Soft-Pay also provides full documentation & live support on setting up the API.

Direct SCI

With the Direct SCI, Soft-Pay allows merchants to dynamically update the price within the buying process and communicate this directly to the merchant after the transaction is complete. This model lets the merchant easily modify pricing corresponding to multiple factors and also saves a lot of time by simply adding one product to Soft-Pay and then have the price set as a dynamic variable. All of the payment data is fully encrypted throughout the buy process on the clients side, by Soft-Pay.


Sell anywhere online

Soft-Pay's flexible and dynamic system allow you to spread your content anywhere.

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With Soft-Pay you can accept various customer payments. The more payment methods you have available, the more customer audience you can attract.

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As a merchant you want total control over your sales. Soft-Pay provides you with an advanced dashboard with dynamically- generated graphical sales reports.

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Advanced sales report

As an internet vendor you want total control over your sales. Soft-Pay provides you with an advanced dashboard with dynamically- generated graphical sales reports. View your sales trend over a period of time, your sales and returns by product, highly detailed sales and customer data. With this data, you are able to improve your sales tactics and increase your revenue. Soft-Pay's advanced sales reports include:

  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly orders, renewals, returns and average in high detail
  • Promotions such as coupons and discount in high detail
  • Customer information in high detail

Its free for all merchants
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